Saturday, October 19, 2013

World of Warcraft, trials and tribulations.

I love playing World of Warcraft. It has enriched my life for many years now and I made a couple of good, now also real life friends through it.

There is also another side, which I find both annoying and highly entertaining at the same time.
The infamous P.U.G. Short for, Pick Up Group. Basically, you queue up to do a dungeon or instance and the system throws you into a group with a bunch of total strangers. 80% of the time, when you say "Hi" you can expect a "Sup" or "Hi" back, but don't count on it. The duration of the dungeon, usually half an hour or so is spent in total silence.
Every once in a while, you get a "Ty" after the run is over.

Sometimes you get the most wonderful people and you hit it off immediately and you're kindda sad it's over already.

Other times, you get the downright rude whinos who have their fingers glued to the CAPS lock. People get a lot more talkative when mistakes are made.
Like recently. I found myself in a Looking for Raid, or LFR (WoW people sure love their abbreviations!)

So I was really tired and my Bullshit-tolerance level is absolutely Zero then.
The fight was a bit rocky, and someone starts calling everyone 'Morrons'
I'm no grammar or spelling cop. I think it's very low to point out mistakes when you can't win an argument.

This situation was different however. If you spout flack, you will get flack back.
So he calls us 'morrons' for shooting the wrong target.
I call him on his bullshit.  (Clicky on the picture for a bigger version!)

He quickly retorts that I was probably one of the idiots that was shooting the wrong target.

Where I point out that I was a healer, thus not one of the damage dealers (DPS'ers, another abbreviation!)

And the rest was silence out of that one.

The morron-virus seems to have spread too.

Then a hunter fancies himself the raid leader who thinks he had to kick people who didn't "perform" well enough. Yes, there is a vote to kick option. It's usually used for people that are offline for way too long and burden the rest of the raid.

He starts listing all his "achievements" and that doesn't go down too well with people.

The abbreviation FFS, feel free to look that up is also widely used. At first you ask nicely. If a demand doesn't get fulfilled within the first nanosecond, resort to name calling and Caps!


Sometimes I wonder how these people are in real life. I really do believe your play-style in MMO's is a reflection of your character. Cause unlike other games, you are dealing with real, feeling people here.The ineptitude to show at least minimal restraint towards others speaks volumes. It isn't all bad tho. Most of the time, these 'morrons' are very entertaining.


  1. What I hate is when the poor behavior starts to rub off on me. I used to avoid PUGs because I wouldn't know what I was doing. Eventually I did learn, and discovered I would easily transform into one of the assholes. It isn't even like I am that good.

    What do you play as?

  2. I do understand what you're saying! Sometimes it's hard to keep patient around newbies, especially if you have done the same thing over and over again.
    I always try to remember my newbie self, picking talents because I liked the icon.

    I'm not super good either, I play in a leisure guild of mommies and daddies. Our raids frequently get interrupted for kid-emergencies :D

    My preferred class is the discipline Priest :D Love atonement healing, you get to do some damage in the process :D


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