Monday, October 28, 2013

Let's go back, Into the Future!!!

So Sims 3 Into the Future is finally here! The last Expansion pack so it's a bit bittersweet. Still, I feel Sims 4 will be a worthy successor and it's release date next Fall, gives me some time to enjoy this expansion pack!

Especially in my case they kept the best for last. I'm huge Sci Fi freak. I love Star Wars, Star Trek, Back to the Future, Logan's Run, the list is nearly endless. I just started watching Dr Who and I love it already! (Yeah, I'm pretty late to the Dr. Who party, but better late then never I guess?)

So the pack is full of delicious little winks to various of the biggest Sci Fi movies ever made :D

Like this, the Three Seashells from Demolition Man!

Still, no idea how to use them! There are tons of reviews/ Let's plays out there, so for all the gameplay I refer to friends like Ipodzeke, SimSupply, Simified, SimsTruelife for Polish friends and so on. I think Rachybop did a review too. PlatinumSimmers Sims News Network, SimsVip and many more!

I'm more of a builder, so I'll approach this from a builder's point of view! Using my new build to show the new things off!

So there it is, a High Tech, futuristic Tree Village. I relied of course heavily on Into The Future, some things from Movie Stuff, like the big Ray gun. I also used loads of the Showtime props and the FutureShock Store sets. 

Snazzy new columns, supporting my teleporter room. With a window from the Casino set. I really thought it looked very futuristic!

The Quantum power suit, can be found under Miscellaneous Electronics (I looked for SO long!)
It's what you get with the limited edition version. The Blue tool on her hand and the boots have a definite Mass Effect feel about it! I got a bit giddy when I saw that. That means I get to play out all my Mass Effect scenarios!
Nice bonus also. It basically maxes your motives and let's you scan for people and valuables!

The chairs from Movie stuff, with the holograpic background, coffee table and Tesseract mirrors. That means cubic prims, or the Source of Power from the Avengers!
 You can change the background to a volcano, futuristic cityscape and in the big one, there is even a wink to Sims 4. And yes, you saw correctly. GLASS TILES! Builders have been clamoring for those since Base Game :D

The pursuit of Knowledge! The holo Library sign! I put it on my windows, so it feels as if the sign ins inside of it. Gave a pretty cool effect. The book cases reminded me of the Jedi Library.
You can also so the glass elevator, the holo book repository and the new table and chairs. The lamps also come in Into The Future and the Orb you see is actually a computer. Your sims can do everything on it, including, browsing the Holo Web. You gain High Tech skill by this.

Kitchen it up a notch. Instead of slaving over a stove, your Sim can now program a dish et voila! (Good?) food!
It's completely based on the Star Trek replicators and I love it!

Here you can see a beautiful lit shelve. The Holo television, The Plumbot charger and a piece of the new carpet, which I used allover. It's just such a futuristic shape.

Here we can see the Dreampod, which let's you influence your Sims' dreams! You can also see those strips of light on the wall, new lamps beside the bed, new rug and one of my favorites, holographic plants! You can change their colors into whatever you like! They come in about 4 shapes per emitter. The bigger 4-tile emitter has some bigger plants, which look nice too. I used a couple throughout.

Late Night offers some nice modern touches like these windows. Here you can see one of the Sprites. They are like little virtual critters that you have to take care of. Very cute! You can also soo the new chairs and hanging plants.

Create a Plumbot! The CAP itself is pretty straightforward, but when you want to create custom trait chips and nanites, you'll need to find some materials throughout the world.

Here's the new sectional sofa. You can also see the Plumbot charger, rug, coffee table and new floor light.

So here's the build to go with it! :D

Download me!

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