Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Reader's letter of the month! It seems :D

So, in one of my previous posts, I talk about games and violence. This was prompted by a facebook post that I saw by CHIEF, Dutch gaming magazine.

GTA V was getting heckled for inciting violence in our youths. I wrote a whole post about it and linked in the comments section.

A day later I get a message from one the CHIEF editors if I could abbreviate my blog post some, as they would like to publish it in their reader section!

My husband and I both read the mag, so I was really stoked! The news got better and my post became Letter of the month! Landing me a game!

It became Remember me! Can't wait to try it out this weekend :D

That and I need to buy at least five copies so I can prove it to the kids later! Yo momma was so cool, I was in a gamer mag! ;)

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