Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My thoughts about the Sims 4 release in the Fall of 2014

One word? Yaaaaaaaay!

I saw many people complain and cry about this on Twitter, as people thought of March as the possible month of release.

So that means, a year from now. The younger people see this as an insurmountable amount of time.
As a 31 year old with kids however, this is peanuts. It seems everytime I look up, my kids have grown a little taller.

This also means that they are NOT rushing production and that my friends is a blessing. I'm thinking back about the release of Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic II, the Sith Lords.

Now this game was amazing, a real improvement in customization of weaponry upon the first game. And it was just fine, until you hit the later levels. Where the first few planets were full of details and good side quests. The last planet, Malacor 5 felt absolutely rushed. The same repeating background, practically no conversations and plot holes that never got fixed.
Turns out, it WAS rushed. LucasArts wanted it done before Christmas so they wouldn't have to miss the Christmas rush.
Fans took it upon themselves to restore all the unused content they found on the disc and make a big mod.

This is why I'm happy the Sims devs are taking their time. I love this franchise, always have.  I'm glad they are taking time to make the Sims 4 awesome. I look forward to it!

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  1. I much agree, I'd rather they take the time to make it right. However, unless they add back CAST or something similar, I don't foresee myself buying it.


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