My Sims 3 Builds

Here's a collection of all my Sims builds.

The Millennium Falcon.




Back to the 50's.

Tiki Theme park.

Pond residence.

Colonial Family home.

Inn to the Future.

Futuristic Mini-mall.

Future High Tech Tree-top village.

The Little Castle.

Mansion on the Hill.

Artist's Loft.

The Red Keep.

Monkey House.

Renaissance Faire.

Villa Anderson.

Future Living.


Ode to the Eighties.

Relaxed Living Cabin.

Weather Control Station Alpha.

House of!!

Victorian Cottage.

Spaceship Serenity.

Good Witch's cottage.

Little Tudor house.

Club C.

Pinewood Riverside.

Cypress Grove.

Victorian family home.

Comfortable Modern.

 Celebrity Villa.

The Normandy.

Wallingford Legacy home.

Fairy Cottage for Hydra.

The Aristocats house.

Dance Club, the Pocket.

Villa Midnight.

Club Industrielle.

Lady Althea's Inn.

Small Celeb modern.

Tiny Japanese Starter home.

Secret Santa gift.

Rhett's Ranch.

Isle Esme.

Asian fusion Family home.

Blossoming Lotus Chinese Palace.

Astro Villa.

Simcity Zoo and adventure park.

Castle Cousland.

Futuristic Modern.

The Labyrinth.

Caribbean Blue.

Arts and crafts family home.

Highly modern Artist's pad.

Fairytale Cottage.

Villa Amelie.

Peacefully modern.

Yasuo house.

House of Sim Fu.

Craven Manor.

Luxury Victorian Starter.

Merry Acres horse ranch.

Magical fairy starter.

Modern Lake house.

The Little Lady.

Craftsman Will.

Callifax house.

Peace of Paradise.

Cypress Creek.

Beach Cottage.

Villa Carmencita.

Crowley Orchard Gilneas.

Weynon Priory.

Modern Family life.

Urban Modern.

Enchanted fairy dwelling.

Modern Harmony.

One with Nature.

Elegant Estate- The Eliza

Modern Chic.

Cosy Family home.

Fifties family home.

Spooky Mansion.

Traditional Swedish house.


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