Monday, August 19, 2013

I have arrived and how ;)

So the train travel went very well. No delays! That on it's own is pretty awesome. I was greeted by a Sims 4 plaque and two nice fellows.
We waited a bit for the Dutch delegation (I'm Belgian) and then were off to the hotel. The adventure begins!

Quite literally it so seems! First I went up to my room, which is about as big as my living room at home. It's spacious, clean and there are Sim stickers on the mirrors! Oh my God!
We also got a welcome package which is pretty cool! There are T-shirts, stickers, buttons and a Plumbob USB device. That is so cool. It's all a bit unreal.

Then we headed down for some food and then chaos beckoned. So the EA lady was very friendly and helpful. She directed us towards some restaurtant thingy.
So there is some food in buffet form. I take some tomatoes, half a bratwurst (when in Germany) and five or so potato wedges.
This harrassed looking waiter comes and tells us we need to pay 22 euros. I nearly chocked on one of the wedges and asked him calmly, yet assertively if he was serious. My fellow simmer only had some salad.
He was a good fellow and I did feel bad for him, cause his boss seemed pretty stern and miffed. I'll be sure to tip him well, if the occasion arises. I did apologize for making his job a little harder, but 22 euros was just absurd. ;)

Safe to say, I have made my mark ;)

My trip was fairly short, comparing to some Simmers that come from the other side of the world, but I'm still tired. Time to turn in, watch a movie and sleep. I've heard good things about Oblivion with Tom Cruise, so I'm gonna try that one.

Tomorrow is a tour through Cologne and the EA press conference. Wednesday we get hands-on time.
I'm happy, but a little nervousy to meet everyone!

Goodnight :D

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