Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mass Effect Andromeda: Speculation time!


Still pretty hyped from the E3 presentation. We got a first look at the latest installment of Mass Effect! And we got a name!

Mass Effect Andromeda. Trailer here.

Time to pick it apart! Sara style. There will be a lot of exclamation marks and curbed smilies, cause I just want to go overboard. I love this game so much, it's nearly insane.

So we start with a Johnny Cash tune. Nice, this evoked an immediate Firefly feeling with me.

Mal approves!

Look all y'all, it's Arizona! Click the picture for a higher resolution. Apologies for the quality in advance as these are screengrabs.

Arctic world with hidden cave and superblue streams. Yes, I like this.

Arizona meets the Great Barrier Reef above ground, with giant beetles!

Asteroid field, first look at Galaxy map interface and I think this little circle could be indicative of resource collection? Because it looks like a bit of a pie chart, with writings beside it. 
Like listing the resources available. Yet again, pure speculation from my part.

Then we have a seemingly very rocky and verdant landscape with a mega creature flying in the air. And again a circle thingy near a rock, probably giving a read-out on resources.

It's the dawn of a new planet, looks like. So it could be a really new planet or a really old one that faced annihilation.

FTL destination, I think this is our new galaxy map people. Feels a bit like the old one, but looks fresh. Also, emerging protagonist!

Yeah, speaks for itself.

 N7. YEAH!

So the Mako is in there too. Hold on to your stomachs folks! In some kind of desert scape. I expect Thresher Maws! And the giant beetles again.

So now the action starts. You see the protagonist overlook a desert landscape with some blue electrical currents cackling.

And now it becomes even more interesting! So we see these giant structures rise up from the ground.
In my opinion, they look Prothean. They also have the tell-talle blue lines running through the construction.

Here is some Prothean reference material of the Mars archives.

And to prove that theory even further. Here's a screengrab of our protagonist engaging the enemy. The form of their heads, their back-wards bending legs, shape of their shoulders all scream Prothean to me.

Some reference material to go with it.

And it ends with this. Captured in engine, so representative of Game Experience. Still a good year and half of waiting ahead, but I don't mind. Take your time on this one guys. My hopes are way up. It will be a hell of a fall if this dissapoints. This trailer has me hopeful however. I also saw a Krogan in the trailer, good times! :D

A clean break with the Shepard storyline was to be expected. I feel however, that it offers enough familiar elements to make you feel comfy of embarking on a new adventure.
I have just recently ventured into the Mass Effect community, late as I am to all the parties, but I love it so far. To be a part of it from the very beginning will be a new experience.

I cannot wait.

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