Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The end of an era and the start of a new!

Sims 4 is literally around the corner! So I'm going to take a moment and reflect on what a great ride Sims 3 has been for me.

I've been playing fervently since Sims 2. I had played Sims before, but I didn't really get it.
I kept changing the language to English, but they continued to speak gibberish! Only later did I found out that the Sims spoke Simlish!

Soon it turned out to be that I was more of a builder, instead of a player. I get inspired by things I see around me. That be real life buildings, but also spaceships from movies and other games.

I've made a big list of all my builds, you can find it right here at my blog, under 'The Sims 3 builds."
Here are a couple that I enjoyed making the most :D

The Versailles was made for a competition about historical buildings. It was such a behemoth, but so much fun!
In a Baroque build, there is no such thing as over the top! :D

My second has to be the Labyrinth. One of my favorite movies ever.

My third has got to be Hogwarts. Love the books, also love the movies. I was lucky enough to go to Florida and visit Hogwarts at the Universal park :D

And last but not least, Winterfell. I love Game of Thrones, both the books and the series. It holds an extra special place in my heart. I probably did the story before, but two years ago, I get this message.

So I did watch. I had just given birth to my daughter, who was in the baby ward and I was alone in my room, in the hospital.

That's right, they had used my build in their Seasons expansion announcement. Luckily I didn't wake any babies with my scream! :D

Bye Sims 3! It has been an amazing ride. I'm thankful for all the wonderful people I met during my journey. This game has had such a profound impact on me, it's crazy! :D
This is not goodbye! :D

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