Saturday, February 28, 2015

Shameless proud little moment.

Allow me to clarify that for a minute. One is not born a gamer. Some people have an obvious talent for it, but I didn't. Especially not in the beginning. Sure I played, games like Knights of the Old Republic, but there the combat was turn based. You can pause, queue up some actions and watch your character fight.

Thanks to games like Halo and Mass Effect, I slowly got used to first and third person shooters. It was a big disaster in the beginning. I couldn't even get my characters to 'move' right.
Now, a few years of experience later, I managed to nearly solo all 10 waves of the Mass Effect multiplayer. No chance to pause, just thinking on your feet and pew pew pew!
So I had a little proud moment, did a little victory dance.
Here's the proof ;)

Next goal, to completely finish the campaign :D It's out of my system now! Thanks for reading ;)

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