Thursday, November 6, 2014

My first venture into Cosplay. A Quarian.


Something completely different from Sims this time, but still game related!

I've been wanting to do a cosplay before, but I always reconsidered. Not enough time, not enough skill to pull it off. Not daring too. After a while of thinking and reading up I decided to do a Quarian cosplay. Like Tali'zorah from the Mass Effect series. The fabric was different, cause I wanted to go for an Admiral Xen look. Like so.

It didn't go without a hitch. For the fabric, I got a lot of help from my mom! Thanks mom!
The helmet went in a couple of stages too. I got to know Pepakura. It's a a papercraft technique. It splits a difficult shape in tiny pieces which you glue together. A bit of a poor man's 3D printer so to speak :D

Here are a couple of Work in Progress pictures. It was a long process, I still had black hair back then.

The full helmet worked really well, until it was time to add the visor. For people without any industrial machinery, it was hard to make a visor that would fit the form completely. It would require a vacuum former, but that was impossible to get around here.

So I had to rethink it. My new idea got inspired by no one less than Doctor Phil. I was watching the show and saw a woman with a full face UV visor.

So I thought, if I turn that shape around, it kind of looks like a Quarian visor. So I decided to use that shape and make the pepakura around it.

That had a few hitches too, but finally worked. Here are some end result pictures!

People were really nice and I got very good reactions. I experienced a few wardrobe malfunctions which my husband handled beautifully as those gloved hands make for real butterfingers.

It was a great experience and I will improve upon the costume for next year!

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