Saturday, January 25, 2014

My journey through Doctor Who and a build to go with it! The Pond residence.

Hello friends!

First of all, I'm late to this party, not even fashionably late, more like nearly a decade late. The cliche stands however, better late then never I suppose!

(If you are here for the build, feel free to skip the long, loooooong intro, go on. I won't be cross ;) Also, SPOILERS! If you still plan on watching, please skip.)

It started around November last year. Which is only about two months ago from this point, but it just sounds so dramatic.
 I saw people on my facebook getting all worked up about the Doctor Who anniversary special and about a Fez, come on, a Fez?

Sure, I knew about the series. The iconic Blue box I knew, I've seen it pop up now and then. A lot of my close friends also loved the series and so my husband and I decided to see what the hubbub was all about. One of the benefits of watching a series late. None of the waiting and internet theorizing/flaming/praising. A fresh start with a fresh pair of eyes.

The first (new) season was good, not great. We liked the Doctor and Rose well enough to keep watching and the special effects reminded us of shows like VR troopers and more nostalgia. Also, it acquainted us with the terminology. Such as TARDIS, Timelords and Gallifrey.

Then it was time to regenerate. We knew different men had played the Doctor, but now we saw how that worked. We were a bit wary for this new face.This time the Doctor was played by David Tennant and that's where we really hit it off with this show. He was funny, charming and I thought he had great chemistry with Billie Piper.

But another harsh lesson learned in this series is that companions don't last forever either. It's about the same principle as Game of Thrones, don't get too attached to anyone. There the comparison stops tho. There is considerably less blood and gore in Doctor Who. ;)

We were hooked. Properly hooked. The stories could be chilling (Weeping Angels anyone?) and heart wrenching, but also incredibly funny. This series has made me experience a range of emotions as only Battlestar Galactica has before. All of this served with a side of Sci Fi. Also shows us the good and less good sides of humanity.

After Rose, there was Martha. A good character, but poor girl. She was in love with the Doctor, while he mostly pined for Rose.

After Martha settles into her own life, it's Donna's turn. Now she's one of my favorites and the Doctor Donna combination has to be one of my favorites too. They meet in very special circumstances. She's sassy, spunky, with her heart in the right place tho. She offers the Doctor some resistance and makes him a better person in general. Also, she's not a size zero, but a normal woman. One of the things I love about this series.

Now let me emphasize how much we loved David as the the Doctor. We knew his end was near and he did go out with bang. I won't lie, I cried, a LOT during his regeneration and we were even more skeptic towards the 'new' kid. 

Time for Matt Smith. Bless him, he is adorable and eccentric. The first time I started to like him felt like a tiny betrayal towards David, but then I realized. I love both my kids equally, and if there ever was a third, I'd love him/her as much. Love isn't finite.

I love them both, for the different things they bring to the character. Eleven had big shoes to fill and as the episodes progressed, we saw he did a really good job!

The Doctor and the Ponds is another favorite. Right up there with Doctor Donna. The dynamic between these three is just adorable and awesome.

At the Ponds' exit, I was too shocked to cry. It more felt like my heart was being ripped out. 

I like the latest companion, Clara, but she has the tough luck to follow an act like the Ponds and the chemistry between her and the Doctor isn't as compelling as that of Amy and Rory.
Of course, that's just my opinion. I haven't mentioned the many, wonderful side characters. I cordially invite you to look at the series yourself to get to know them too. It's a great ride :D

SO! Safe to say I'm suffering from serious withdrawal and a major hole to fill after this! I haven't seen a new episode with Peter Capaldi yet, but I'm soon off to London, where I will buy ALL the Doctor Who stuff (that my money can allow, but shhht.)

What we also love about this series? They are so wonderfully inclusive. Gay marriage and couples are often shown and mentioned and you know what? Nobody bats an eye. Life choices are respected implicitly and that my friends, is beautiful. 

Two new Whovians into the fold. OH YES!

Without further ado tho. Here's my new build. The Pond residence. The house of earlier mentioned Ponds ;)

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