Saturday, November 16, 2013

SimCity Cities of Tomorrow.

SimCity's first expansion is here and it's futuristic. YES! The early screenshots reminded me of the Fifth Element and that can only be good. Seriously, one of the best movies ever.

See where I got that?

So there are two new big players in the Future. The Academy, which focuses on Green techology powered by ControlNet, which the Academy broadcasts.
It operates much like a University. It raises the tech of nearby industry and you can research things like Air Scrubbers. It does need rich Sims to operate, so start plopping those Plaza parks people!

Here's shot of the Academy, in full research mode. 

A more dystopic view comes from The Omega Co.

They turn industry and commerce into Omega franchise. It makes a lot of money, but they need a lot of resources too.
 They need processors for their drones, for instance Safety drones.
Those can be used in the Mega towers, to make a safety level. Which brings me to the next thing.

Mega towers! Here are some screens from my in game Mega towers. They are a hard bunch to please, but they pack a lot of people on a small surface.
We may not have got bigger maps, at least we have a way to build up now.

Elite tower on the left. Regular on the right

Complaints about lack of education

While they have an Education level on top. Look up guys!

 I'm still getting to know all the new features :D You don't have to worry about all your buildings. If you want something futurized, you can just plop a futuristic park/sports. RCI around it changes along with it.
So you can make beautiful hybrid cities. Modern with classic touches.

My overall verdict? Entertaining and very engrossing.

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