Sunday, September 29, 2013

SimsCamp wrap-up

So the last embargo has been lifted, the last articles published, this is the actual 'end' of SimsCamp.
I'm feeling just a little blue at the finality of it. Rather than giving in to those feelings, here's some more pictures and afterthoughts of a great experience!

I may have talked about this before, but I belong to D.N.A. meaning Designing Nature and Architecture. That meaning, we build houses by request for other people and sometimes create Sims too.
So, behind the scenes, we have endless e-mail chains going on, discussing topics like the Sims of course, but very often about life, books, movies, basically all the interesting things!

Well, as most of you know, I'm from Belgium and the majority of D.N.A. members is from the USA or Britain. Seeing the Americans in real life would have been highly unlikely.

When we could finally 'reveal' ourselves, great was my joy that I would meet three D.N.A. members, but also my friend Bill, who won a contest to join Simscamp.

I got to meet the people that work on the game that has been such a big and long part of my life. The experience is still fresh in my mind it will stay there for a good long while. Thanks!             

Pictures or it didn't happen! 

This pic describes it all. Ruthy and I having a Sim moment at the Press conference!
First day dinner. The waiters had some problems delivering the Gluten free meals for two Simmers, but they made up ;)
First group pic!
SimEve and I! (She's the blond one :D)

Building and D.N.A. ladies :D

Such a lovely group! You guys rocked!!

Bill, Eve and Ed, three awesome builders!
Our set-up.

Eve and I paying a lot of attention :D


Last day dinner!

The lovely Frida with Swedish candies!
Our menu :D This was very tasty! I had schnitzel, the other things looked weird ;)

Bill and Asia :)

Met a great Polish friend, Damian :D

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