Thursday, August 15, 2013

So I'm going to Cologne!

So somewhere mid June, I get an email, YOUR PERSONAL INVITATION. I was about file it under spam. You wouldn't believe the houses and jackpots I won, if I have to believe websites and emails.
Still, I kept reading and re-reading it, until it's content started to make sense.

I was invited to Gamescom, in Germany to attend Sims camp. It was all very hush hush at the moment and I couldn't tell anyone. Imagine the horror!

Then the fifth of August came, the day we could divulge everything! That and FedEx brought something, it was like Christmas morning, but in the middle of summer!

At that time, I found out a lot of international friends were coming. Including some Simmers I knew from the site like Ruth Less, Sim Eve, Dani and Bill! I didn't know people from the US would be attending. Now these are people I first admired from afar and then got to know. One can say about gaming what they may, but not that it's anti-social.

I never thought I'd meet them in real life and here we are. Thank the Lord for small miracles yes?

So just a weekend of work to go and then it's time to hop on a train for one heck of a ride! We get to see the Sims 4, months before release. What a privilege! I'll keep this blog updated with any information I can divulge.

My Avatar is ready in any case. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!! :D

My Avatar is ready!


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