Wednesday, July 23, 2014

So I'm going to San Francisco!

So it's Thursday the 10th of July. Ordinary day, finished my shift at work, had a little nap and my phone rings. I can see by the number prefix, it's a Dutch number.

So I pick up and I'm asked if I am indeed Sara. The Benelux community manager. (Benelux is a abbreviation of Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg.)
He asked if I remembered him. I sure did, but it's been a year since I heard his actual voice, so after some awkward courtesy exchanges we got to the point where he asked me if I wanted to go to the States, in about 18 days from now.

Apparently there is a Creator's Camp in the EA Redwood Shores offices and he wanted me to go, if I had the time. I happened to have that week off at work so I said: "YES!" wholeheartedly.

To prove I did not just have a vivid daydream, I get an email, asking for my details, a couple of minutes later.

Safe to say I bounced through the house in a haze of happiness! I would be meeting a lot of my friends that I made at Simscamp last year!

When I write this, we still can't communicate that we're going, so it's a draft until the day comes that I can publish this little piece. I just had to write it down already.

Since it's called Creator's Camp, I reckon there will be hands on time with the Sims 4. I dare hope with Build mode too! While I enjoy all aspects of the game, building is still my thing.

So that's all I know for now. I reckon to know more in the very recent future as I depart in 17 days from now!

Which reminds me, I need to exchange money! Start preparing some clothes! Fish up my suitcase from the basement, and and and! :D

We can talk about! I can't share the full itinerary yet but I can say it involves Sims 4! A whole week of it! We were told to take a USB for screenies and pics, so expect a lot of those :D I CANNOT WAIT!



  1. Have a great trip, have lots of fun and enjoy the summer warmth.


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